When you say watafa, doesn't that say it all?

Web Site for the Art of Carlo Artga and Curt Starr

Please email requests for information and inquiries for work to contact@watafa.com

We have teamed up to provide world-class art production with our combined strengths. Carlo has extensive three-dimensional work behind him. He has done numerous installations in night clubs, was involved with installations for the RainForest Cafe locations in USA and internationally. He has worked with companies that fabricate waterpark structures and created numerous sign concepts.
Curt Starr has been involved with two-dimensional work in various locations around the USA. He has created numerous murals for commercial and residential clients. He became involved in wall-finishing leading to many interior wall projects. He has been involved with the International Home Furnishings Exhibition in High Point, NC, doing work in showrooms for many leading furniture companies. He continues to create works on paper and canvas as well as pursue projects for clients on location
Carlo Artga and Curt Starr are available for projects now and in the future. Please contact them for your next project.

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